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    Hmm, if I could use just a couple of words to describe me I’d say I’m an affectionate, loyal, traveler who enjoys eating and looking at the bright side of things.I enjoy reading, watching tv/movies, listening to music, cooking, traveling (at least one place new per year), painting (Paint Nite is my favorite expression of this), doing arts and crafts, eating good food, vacation planning, and planning my future. I’m in the hospitality business and I love the company I work for. In the past couple of years I’ve gotten more into leading a healthy lifestyle. It is a daily struggle but it has definitely changed my life for the better. I love all kinds of genres when it comes to tv/movies/books but my favorites are mystery/thrillers–I love a good twist! I’m an only child so part of me enjoys my alone time and part of me longs for companionship (which is part of why I’m on here). I eventually want a long-term relationship–I’m a relationship kind of girl–but I’m not trying to force anything either which is why I listed my interest as casual. My taste in music is varied. I like Latin music (salsa, bachata, merengue), r&b (musiq, jagged edge, justin timberlake), hip hop (big sean, wale, drake), pop (ariana grande, beyonce, rihanna), motown (temptations, jackson 5, marvin gaye), jazz (frank sinatra, nat king cole, glenn miller) and much much more!

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